BlessWorld Foundation International

Affecting the World Through Health
A Global Health Initiative
  • Community Based

    Helping communities by providing programs and services specific to their needs.
    Building partnerships and collaborating with communities, organizations and all levels of government to work on various projects.

    Community Based
  • Health Promotion

    Promoting health by educating, engaging, and empowering individuals and communities to make positive decisions about their health.
    Providing health information and updates through our website blogs, articles, youtube and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

    Health Promotion
  • Research

    Conducting and supporting research to inform health policies.
    Making evidence-based recommendations on health and health-related topics.


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World Wide Locations

We have offices around the world and worth with all types of organizations.

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Support our work

We are actively engaged in many projects and activities and can always use your support.

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Work with us

In order to facilitate our projects and engage the people who need it in activities we need your support.

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