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Education is a social determinant of health because whether or not we are educated and the level of our education can affect our health. In the same way, our health can influence our level of education because healthy children and individuals are more likely to remain in school and complete their education compared to the unhealthy ones.

There are many ways by which education can influence health; First and foremost, going to school increases our chances of getting better paying jobs and higher incomes and as a result, we can easily afford our health needs. In addition, education is empowering in itself since educated individuals are more likely to take control of their health, promote and sustain healthy lifestyles and positive choices, proactively seek options for healthier lives and support or nurture their personal development, human relationships and personal, family and community well-being.

As stated by World Bank, Health and education form the basis for human development and without either, it becomes increasingly difficult to survive. Without health and the relevant skills and knowledge acquired through education, one cannot hold a job or care for a family. Therefore, increasing access and reducing associated costs to health and education services is an important factor for any strategy in order to eliminate poverty and reduce inequalities.

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