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Health and Globalization



Since we already know what health is, let us take a look at globalization… Globalization is the process whereby humans, animals, information and trade move throughout the world, increasing interaction and integration between countries, cultures, views, policies, and economies (see:
Ever wondered how fast diseases spread and travel these days or how to remain healthy in a globalized world? With airplanes crossing continents and people going places, any infection or disease can become pandemic in a matter of hours! It is much more difficult to control infections and diseases in a globalizing or globalized world because public health is situated within the dynamic forces of positive and negative global development.
Thankfully, globalization can have significant benefits to health; for one, the speed with which information travels affords us the luxury to hear about disease risks and ways of protecting ourselves. In addition, there is evidence that openness to people and trade is good for social and economic growth!

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