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It’s another exciting topic about health… health and the media! No doubt the media is central to our decisions and actions in general, and health in particular, given that this is the internet age. This strong influence is very evident in how much we watch, listen, like, comment, share and follow updates and sites that speak on health or wellness matters. A quick question… how many times have you chosen to do something that may affect your health or well being simply because you read or saw it on social media, movie or even heard it in a song? I’m guessing a lot of times!

The sad truth is, many times, what we hear and learn from the media, be it from individuals or organizations, are false or incomplete truths because the producers or sources of these messages often have particular agendas which influence the message to some extent. Hence, it lies in our judgment to either accept or reject media messages especially because there is no accountability on the part of the sources and the consequences of our actions are ours to bear. We must therefore exercise this sense of judgment by making a conscious effort to verify the validity of what we hear or read trough more credible sources- this is solely our responsibility. Cheers and be wise 🙂

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