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So you have a Headache?



Headache is one of the symptoms of most illnesses and is defined as a pain in the head… just as the name suggests. Headaches are very common ailments and most people have experienced one or more at different points in their life. In any given year, almost 90% of men and 95% of women have at least experienced a headache… so you’re not alone! They are caused by different reasons and can affect anyone regardless of age, race and gender.

Did you know that most headaches are caused by stress, lack of sleep, hunger and weather changes? Did you also know that depression is three times more common in individuals with severe headaches than in healthy people? Given the time of the year (cold period), we need to take extra caution to prevent weather related headaches by keeping warm always!

Three most common headaches are tension, sinus, and migraine… however, not every kind of headache fits into these categories. For treatment, over the counter medications such as pain killers may be useful but always seek advice from a healthcare professional. In general, to prevent or treat a headache: reduce stress, ensure you drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat properly and don’t forget to keep warm!

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