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Staying Positive and Hopeful in a Pandemic


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It is a daunting task to remain calm, positive and hopeful in the middle of a pandemic. The pandemic period is a time of uncertainty, anxiety and fear given how fluid the situation is. With Covid-19 whose mode of spread is airborne, the situation becomes even more delicate as it is very easy to get infected. Despite the current pandemic, it is essential to look on the bright side  and turn off the news every once in a while. This is important because it is a hard time for everyone and it’s easy to become frustrated, depressed or stressed out. Emotions run all over the place ranging from feeling very okay to feeling very scared, so patience with oneself is paramount. Indulging distractions such as watching movies and going out with friends can be really helpful ways remain sane. Other ways to reduce anxiety and calm one’s nerves  include:

  • Allowing oneself to feel
  • Taking deep breaths 
  • Staying connected with family and friends online
  • Being physically active at home
  • Daily Meditations

Besides the preceding physical ways to stay positive and keep hope alive, some people who are more religious and spiritual may chose to look inward to find hope. With religious homes closedown due to the pandemic, personal spirituality must be practiced to connect with one’s own creator in order to successfully use religion as a coping mechanism. 

Covid-19 has thrown more light on the harsh realities of the many inequities and inequalities that burden our world. Already existing wealth disparities between, and within countries now risk being exacerbated even further by this pandemic. The United Nations, World Health Organisation and other international leaders need to recommit to their  vision and values as well as  use other multi-lateral bodies—including the G-20, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank—to proactively support the world’s most vulnerable.

Covid-19 poses a brand new challenge for world leaders as there hasn’t been any pandemic in recent decades that brought the world to a complete halt like this. The disease prospects is on track to potentially cause a significant  economic downturn  and a high number of deaths with impacts  felt around the globe. To acutely prevent this historic threat, national and international leaders must immediately put aside narrow nationalism and temporary, selfish considerations to work together in the common interest of all humanity. The  past and present Secretary-Generals of the United Nations called for an additional $2 billion in humanitarian aid to control this pandemic. This aid is expected to contribute to key efforts to reduce spread of the virus such as developing and distributing tests, treatments and vaccines. In addition, global leaders need to set preventive measures in place by developing a global governance system that can cope more effectively with future pandemics. 

To keep hope alive, everyone must remember that nobody is above this suffering, and anyone can be infected. Therefore, it’s important to extend our hands to others who lack homes, resources or families to protect them. We have a unique opportunity to come together and bridge our differences as one humanity. Whether it’s by donating blood, giving to local food banks, checking in on neighbours or just staying home- these small gestures in a time of crisis make the big  difference. This crisis shows us that we are just one global family—even though we live apart. Consequently, we have a responsibility to exercise compassion and help. In this time, let us also make it a duty to go out of our way to support health care heroes who answered the call of a world in need. Take a moment to send a thank you note to a local hospital and express gratitude to neighbours who works in health care, because every sign of support goes a long way. It is this spirit of support and  global togetherness that keeps us positive and hopeful. In this time of crisis, we are all neighbours, and success will only be achieved when all people, in all places, are safe..

As with the principle of impermanence; eventually, this pandemic will pass, as have wars and other terrible threats that humanity faced, lived beyond and overcame. I genuinely hope that we stay positive and hopeful despite the uncertainties that surround us because we will successfully rebuild our global community when this is over. We are conquerors.

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