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Health and Unemployment



Many studies have proved that unemployment has negative consequences on the health of individuals. This is because for most people, the time of unemployment represents the hardest phase of their life. A study (Dorling, D. 2009) in the United Kingdom showed that people who were securely employed recovered faster from illnesses compared to unemployed people. Additionally, the study also confirmed that unemployment increases rates of nuisance, crime and mental health problems such as depression and suicide. After all, it’s mostly people who are busy doing nothing that have the time to cause trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, some people may choose or even enjoy being unemployed… you know, freedom from hard work, tight deadlines, overbearing customers and horrible bosses. However, for most of us, being unemployed or not having anything to do can be extremely boring and stressful… you know, absence of money, motivation, confidence and even health! In fact, another study (Pharr, J. R., Moonie, S., & Bungum, T. J. 2011) in the United States concluded that unemployed people had significantly worse perceived physical and mental health profiles, were more unlikely to afford health services and were less likely to access health care than participants who were employed or voluntarily unemployed. Furthermore, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), losing a job is grievous and is accompanied by loss of income, personal work relationships, daily structures, and a sense of purpose.

Given the above evidence, we can agree that certainly, we are better off employed or working than being idle… even the holy book teaches that an idle mind is the workshop of evil. So, go get a job… get busy!

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