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With the world’s population currently at 7.3 billion and projected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050 by United Nations, it is easy to understand why well-meaning individuals go out of their way to establish charity organizations. These organizations are established with unique visions to serve our ever growing population and changing world in various capacities.

That said, BlessWorld Foundation International (BWFI) is a new charity-based, non- profit organization inspired and established by Dr. Kingsley Nwachukwu, a Canadian-based practicing specialist in psychiatry and a global health practitioner. The organization is primarily located in Canada (110 Blackburn Crescent, Saskatoon SK S7V 1E7) and Nigeria (4 Obunge Street Uronigbe, Ekosodin Benin City, Edo State) and receives electronic correspondence at

The mission of BWFI is to affect the world through health using a broad range of approaches, strategies and activities. Our strategy involves providing community-based programs and services targeted towards helping different communities solve their specific problems and serve their peculiar needs. These programs and services include, but are not limited to Medical tourism through “World Hospital” concept, Advocacy services for the vulnerable, Medical consultation services – real life and virtual (web-based), Research funding, Liaising with government bodies to execute health-related projects, Provision of expert advice on health-related matters, Health education, Health promotion through all avenues such as periodicals, social media, film production, podcasts, and radio networks… more activities can be found at

The only thing constant about BWFI is POSITIVE CHANGE. Our life-changing activities will show up from time to time, and we encourage participation by all viewers in terms of subscription to keep the work going. Our website features a blog section where very important and interesting health topics are discussed and comments are warmly welcome. It is an interactive section and we implore you to join us regularly to read about the hottest health and health-related topics in the world… Remember, knowledge is power! The purpose of the blogs is to educate and empower individuals like you and consequently build a community of well informed citizens who can make accurate health decisions and take control of their health.

We are individual-focused, community-based and research oriented. With regards to research, our interest cuts across a variety of topics including universal health care particularly for vulnerable members of the society, determinants of health and how they shape our daily living, mental health and addictions, depression and other disorders. We conduct and fund various research projects because we believe research is the most effective means of understanding and solving health and social problems. Research is the reason why our life expectancies have increased and in the words of Katherine Dunn, “Prior to penicillin and medical research, death was an everyday occurrence. It was intimate”.

Finally, we encourage individuals, organizations, communities and the government to key into our mission and support our overall goal of ensuring the world is a healthier a safer place… a “BLESSWORLD” indeed.

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